Hi guys………


Hi fellow frends! TumlarDobbie heer and i just found out its “illegal” to do some “ljusstöpning” (https://tobbedorner.wordpress.com/2013/11/16/supp-guys/)  in a librari -.- so they told me i had to go out since i was screaming when my penis was on fire because of all the hotwax… but when i ran out with the dong dripping my legs i thought, THIS IS LIFE! so i will start doing more “ljusstöpning” at wierd places like cafés and other fun stuff


/DoggeDobbisaurus Out!

Supp guys…….


Hi frends! Tolbiet heer and i just wondering what i have to do to get some likes?!??!? i do so much but noone likes me anyways… so tomorrow ill do 1 last try or else i will quit karate and start with some “ljusstöpning” as we say… when i dip my penis in hot wax and slap it around the house, maybe film it!

/Dildotmerino Out!

Hi guys!


Hi frends! Tobbi heer and ill be doin some vids wiz my “frend” Herrond so we have funni time. We will trow eggs at stuff and do some karate vids when i break his heed!! have fun guys and wait for the stuff!


/Dobzut & Herrond Out!!!

Got wrecked by a -01


Hi guys! Tobbit heer and i got my ass kicked by a young kid at the dojo so i wont upload a video.. was going to do more fights but i got hurt and i fell on my way home so im in alot of pain! Ill be blogging soon guys!!!


/Dolminato Out!